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Our Other Personalized Children's Books

Imagine your children flipping through the pages of a colorful book, seeing their name and their friends names woven into the storyline.  Our personalized concept encourages children to read and makes learning fun because they're reading about themselves and friends.

Personalized books build children's self-esteem and self-image because they are the stars of their own stories.  Stories are thoughtfully written to convey positive, wholesome messages.  Illustrations are colorfully drawn to maximize a child's sensory enjoyment.  Each book becomes a valuable teaching tool and a unique family keepsake.  $15.95 each with Free Shipping.

The Big Parade
Picture of a mother and a baby emephant in "The Big Parade".  In this adventure, your child will lead "The Big Parade" down main street.  The Mayor of your town calls your child and asks him or her to ride in the fire truck and be the host of the Big Parade.

The Big Circus
The Big Circus Personalized Children's Book. In this new tale, your child becomes a clown and joins in on the circus fun.

The Train With
No Name

The Train With No Name Personalized Children's Book. You don't have to be big to be important! Meet a little track tester who proves this to be true. Your child climbs aboard and becomes the brave engineer who saves the traveling circus train from having an accident.

 Flooty Hobbs
Monsters leaning over Trena's bed in our Flooty Hobbs personalized children's book. Here is a story that looks at your child's fear from the perspective of the "bedtime monster."

  Circus Star
Circus Star Personalized Children's Book. It's a thrilling  trip to the circus as you rescue a baby chimpanzee and become the star of the show.             Best
My Trip to the Fire Station

Fireman Explaining Proper Emergency Procedures to children (911) in My Trip to the Firestation personalized book. Visit a real fire station with your classmates.  Meet the Fire Chief and learn abut fire safety and what to do in an emergency.

   Helping Hands
Helping Hands personalized story book. Your child learns to help others starting at home and then progressing to the neighbors and others. A delightful story kids will enjoy while learning a valuable lesson.              
McGruff and Me
 "Be Smart, Be Safe" with this ingenious safety book.  McGruff spends the day with your child at school teaching crime prevention.

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