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Melissa and Doug Play Food
Hours of creative and entertaining fun.

Omaha's Melissa and Doug Toy Store -
5222 S 136th St, Omaha, NE 68137 - 402-592-9199 or 877-402-7167
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There are four skills that boys should learn before they go out on their own. How to cook, dance, speak in public and how to do their own laundry. Our play food sets are great for getting boys interested in cooking.

Our play food menu offers dozens of enticing delicacies for ages 3 and up. For cooking real food with your daughter or son try our "A Cookbook for Mommy and Me." Recipes designed for mom and her little helper to make together. Our chef's role play costume is the final touch to enhance your child's cooking fantasies.

If we don't have the product you want, in stock, we'll order it for you (no charge for shipping) for pickup at our store located at 5222 S 136th St in Omaha. (Intersection of Q and 136th Streets across from McDonald's in the Deerfield Place Shopping Center.)

  Play Food - Ages 3+

We have everything young cooks and shoppers need for hours of pretend play in their very own kitchen.

Shopping carts, Play Food and Utensils, Grocery Store/Lemonade Stand, Deluxe Kitchen or a Cook's Corner Wooden Kitchen with working timer, and a chef's costume for 3-6 year old cooks.

Visit our store at 5222 S 136th St, Omaha (136th & Q across from McDonald's in the Deerfield Place Shopping Center) and see our selection of Melissa and Doug toys, puzzles, role play costumes, sticker sheets, play food and more.

Melissa talking about her play food sets.

Felt Food
Melissa and Dour Sandwich Set with 33 Mix and Match pieces   Melissa and Doug Pizza Set with 42 pieces.

Sandwich Set - #MD3954

33-piece smorgasbord of fabulous food pieces is enough to let you open your own play sandwich shop. White bread and wheat bread, cheeses, vegetables and much more.


Pizza Set - #MD3974

42 pieces let your create the pizza of your dreams. Includes colorful toppings and a realistic pizza box to use when you deliver your pizza. Makes a 10 inch felt pizza.

Melissa and Doug Taco and Burrito Set

Chef's Role Play Costume by Melissa & Doug

Taco & Burrito Set - MD3975

Make soft tortillas and tacos. Can also be rolled into a burrito. Add some Mexican flavor to your play with a delicious pretend 10 inch corn or flower tortilla.


Melissa & Doug Chef Role Play Costume
$23.99 each and always in stock.

Food Play Sets

Melissa and Doug Slice and Bake Cookie Set    
Slice & Bake Cookie Set - MD4074

Includes twelve wooden, sliceable cookies, 12 toppings, wooden knife, spatula, cookie sheet and a kitchen mitt. Cookies store in a durable dough tube.


Christmas Cookie Set - MD5158

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Melissa and Doug Bake and Decoreate Cupcake Set   Melissa and Doug Triple-Layer Party Cake

Bake & Decorate Cupcake Set - MD4019

Includes an oven mitt to help little ones learn about baking safely. Includes three dry erase markers shaped like icing tubes to decorate the cupcake tops. Top off with decorative wooden candles.


Triple-Layer Party Cake - MD4069

A very special cake for very special occasions. Mix and match decorations to make every party unique. Includes a wooden knife.


Melissa and Doug Scoop and Stack Ice Cream Cone Playset   Melissa and Doug Birthday Party

Scoop & Stack Ice Cream Cone Playset - MD4087

Includes two magnetic scoopers, four scoops of ice cream flavors and wooden cones. Scoops store neatly in the included ice cream container.


  Birthday Party - MD0511

Includes six ready-to-cut cake slices, removable cookies and toppings, cake plate and a server. Hear a slicing sound when you cut your cake with the server knife. Wooden box stores all 34 pieces.

Sandwich Making Set - Wooden Play Food By Melissa & Doug   Melissa and Doug Cookie Set with 30 pieces.
Sandwich Set - MD0513

Dagwood Bumstead would love this set! Includes 16 ingredients, wooden knife to slice the pieces apart and satisfying "crunch" sounds. Wooden storage tray keeps everything organized. 


Cookie Set - MD3955

Includes 30 felt food pieces, baking utensils and 3 plastic cookie cutters.  Your little chef can cut, bake and decorate cookies on the included cookie sheet.


Sushi Slicing Play Set By Melissa & Doug Melissa and Doug Fridge Food
Sushi Slicing Play Set - MD2608

24 piece food set packed in a beautiful storage box. Set includes sushi rolls, shrimp, tuna, easy-use chopsticks, cleaver and more. Experience realistic chopping sounds when sliced.

Fridge Food - MD4076

Includes eight wooden pieces - orange juice, waffles, milk, ice cream, cheese, yogurt, frozen vegetables and butter. Fill up your freezer and have fun.

Melissa and Doug Pizza Party - Wooden Play Food   Melissa and Doug Grill Slice and Sort Playset

Pizza Party - MD0167

Includes 54 toppings, brightly colored tray, pizza cutter, spatula, and wooden storage box. Creates six custom slices. Makes realistic "slicing" noises when cut!


  Grill Slice & Sort Playset - MD4024

Young cooks can create three kabobs by loading the skewers with shrimp, mushrooms, meat, onions, tomatoes and pepper pieces, Includes two piece grill, wooden knife and tongs.

Cutting Fruit - Wooden Play Food by Melissa & Doug

Melissa and Doug Stir Fry Slicing Playset

Cutting Fruit - MD4021

Includes wooden knife and seven pieces of sliceable fruit which can be cut into 17 pieces. Makes a crunchy sound when sliced. Can be used to introduce the concept of fractions.

Stir Fry Slicing Playset - MD4025

Stir up a delicious meal. Includes meat to cut, red pepper and bok choli, shrimp, mushrooms and snow peas. Includes non-stick wooden wok and chjopsticks.

Melissa and Doug Sweet Treat Tower   Melissa and Doug Slice and Scoop Sundea Set
Sweet Treat Tower - MD2509

Add elegance to your next tea party or special occasion with this selection of fancy wooden desserts. Mix and match toppings to create a three-tiered delicious looking treat. (Not available at this time.)

  Slice and Scoop Sundae Set - MD4018

Use the magnetic scooper to load a delicious sundae dish with up to four ice cream flavors. Slice the banana and strawberry and add scrumptious toppings. Hours of calorie free pretend play.

Cutting Food - Wooden Play Food by Melissa & Doug   Stir Fry Slicing Play Set By Melissa & Doug

Cutting Food - MD0487

Includes 8 pieces of wooden food, cutting board and wooden knife. Makes a satisfying "crunch" when food is cut.


Stir Fry Slicing Play Set - MD4025

Includes wooden knife, meat, red pepper, bok choi, shrimp, mushrooms and now peas. Also chopsticks and non-stick wooden wok.

Melissa and Doug Food Groups

Pantry Products By Melissa & Doug

Food Groups - MD0271

Includes items from the five food groups - watermelon, milk, cheese, fish, eggs, and more. Made of solid wood with four wooden baskets for storage and sorting.

  Pantry Products - MD4077

9-piece wooden set of dry goods includes tuna, spaghetti, sour, sugar, salad dressing, mustard and cereal. Staples that every little chef needs in his or her pantry.


Play Food - Ages 3+

Each produce set features realistic, highly durable plastic produce in shipping-crate packages.

Melissa talking about how realistic her play food sets are to play with.

Play-Time Produce
Melissa and Doug Fruit play food Melissa and Doug Vegetables play food
Fruit - MD4082

Eight pieces of realistic sized fruits. Made of durable molded plastic. Will withstand years of play by young chefs.

Vegetables - MD4083

Includes seven pieces of delicious looking, correctly sized  vegetables packed in a realistic looking crate.

Play House Accessories
Melissa and Doug Kitchen Accessory Set Let's Play House! Grocery Cans.
Kitchen Accessory Set - MD2610

8-piece wooden cook's set includes a frying pan, stockpot, saucepan, lids, spoon, slotted spatula and an over mitt. Everything needed for a serious chef's kitchen.


Let's Play House! Grocery Cans.
$9.99 - MD4088

Stock a pretend pantry with this collection of lidded cardboard play-food cans and you'll have all the ingredients for colorful, imaginative grocery-store play. Open and close, fill and stack, sort and match the canned food toys. This set has a pretend-play flavor for every taste!

Melissa & Doug  Let's Play House! Grocery Basket with Play Food. Just like the ones mommy and daddy use when shopping.


Wooden Table & Chairs Set By Melissa & Doug - New for 2013.

Let's Play House! Grocery Basket with Food.
$19.99 - MD-5171

Just like the one I use when I go shopping for a few items at my local Hi-Vee Grocery Store.

Comes stocked with play food. Carefully designed for easy carry, easy to store and very durable. Handles fold down when not in use.

This item is so popular that Melissa and Doug have already run out of stock; but will have more 11/8/2012. We have a few left in stock and will take orders when we run out.  

11.25" x 5" x 9" assembled.

Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Wooden Table & Chairs Set

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$99.99 - MD-2427




Melissa and Doug Shopping Cart - Sturdy metal construction. Melissa and Doug Deluxe Pretend Play Kitchen
Shopping Cart - MD4071

Add a touch of realism with this sturdy steal shopping cart that has pivoting front wheels. Kid-size, easy to maneuver, fun to fill and built to last.

Deluxe Pretend Play Kitchen - MD2607

This is the kitchen little chef's dream about. Sturdy and durable, like all Melissa and Doug products. Includes a stove, refrigerator/freezer, oven, microwave with turntable, and a sink.

Melissa and Doug Grocery Store/Lemonade Stand Melissa and Doug Cook's Corner Wooden Kitchen
Grocery Store/Lemonade Stand - MD4070

Two stores in one. Your little businessman or woman can choose between running a grocery store or setting up a lemonade stand. Great for budding entrepreneurs.

Cook's Corner Wooden Kitchen - MD3950

Removable sink, 3 burner cooktop w/clicking knobs, refrigerator, storage shelves, cutting board and a real working timer.

Let's Play House! Grocery Boxes By Melissa & Doug
Let's Play House! Grocery Boxes - MD4037

Keep your pantry stocked with this fun, colorful, life-like set of play food boxes. Set includes ten play-food boxes of pretend cereal, snacks and sweets. Assembly is easy enough for an adult (with kid supervision.)

Let's Play House! Can Opener & Cans - MD4524

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Let's Play House! Pots & Pans Set - MD4265

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Let's Play House! Wash & Dry Dish Set - MD282

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Let's Play House! Dust, Sweep & Mop - MD8600

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Let's Play House! Vacuum Cleaner - MD5150

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