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     How To Contact RWR Innovations

New Store Hours:  Tue - Fri  Noon - 5 PM      Sat and Sun  9 AM - 6 PM      402-592-9199

Please don't give up if you have trouble locating our new store.

The Mega Market sign is now on the front of the old Baker's building in Deerfield Place. The rest of the signage is for the Omaha Flea Market.

Our big sign is sitting inside the building and may never go up outside due to local signage restrictions. (Same problem we had at out previous Q Street location.)

When you pull in to the old Baker's parking lot, look for the Mega Market sign, our small Melissa & Doug window signs and our flashing OPEN sign.

I've ordered bigger slats for the monument street sign, but, it will still be difficult to see amongst the huge corporate signs.

City signage rules require landlords to put up street signage which some landlords refuse to do because monument signs are very expensive. As you can see in the picture, a big monument sign has very little area available for the individual businesses.

  Monument sign at the entrance to Deerfield Place. Omaha and other cities, by requiring expensive monument type signs, are hurting small businesses.

Monument Sign at our new location - hard to read among the huge corporate signs that dominate the area.

Small businesses aren't allowed to have their own affordable street signs, which are vital for their success, and give them a fighting chance to be seen by passing cars.  

Send an Email:    orders@rwrinnovations.com

Send a FAX:          678-402-7167 

Chat Service:        Click "On Line Chat" at the top of any page on our web site.

Call Us:                  402-592-9199    (Omaha)          877-402-7167    (Toll Free)

Please stop by our web store whenever you can.  We are constantly adding new new products.

We have Melissa & Doug Beeposh, role play kits, wooden toys and puzzles. We also have Tedco Toys,
personalized certificates, personalized music, CDs, personalized photo DVDs, NameTrains, personalized books
and a selection of non personalized books.

We are located at  5222 S 136th St (Deerfield Place), Omaha NE 68137 in the former Baker's store.

Ron, Wrenny and Rob - RWR Innovations LLC staff photo.







                           November 30, 2011
               Ron, Wrenny and Rob in our store.

 Board games from Melissa & Doug, Blue Orange Games, Tedco Scientific and others like RADZ Games are fun to play and don't require electricity.

Our board games are fun, challenging and don't require electricity!

Ron and Smokey

  Ron Nixon, owner of RWR Innovations, with Smokey bear at the Smokey Bear Museum in Capitan, New Mexico. A great place to visit.   
Sep 2006
(I'm the one on the left)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.  What do I do if there is a mistake in my order?
Q.  Do you offer your products at a discount to fund raising organizations?
Q.  Why did you stop shipping overseas?



Q.  What do I do if there is a mistake in my order?

 A.  Fill out our customer service form.  We'll replace the product immediately.  (You normally won't

have to return the incorrect product.)  

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Q.  Do you offer your products at a discount to fund raising organizations?

A.  Yes!  We'll be happy to work out a program with you.  Fill out our customer service form
and we'll get right back to you.   

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Q.  Why did you stop shipping overseas?

A.  Postage increase in January 23rd, 2013. $24.00 for a 4 ounce package via Global Priority Mail is too much.



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