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About RWR Innovations LLC
Our store located in the Mega Market is closed. The mall we were located in was sold and our space (along with other small businesses) was given to a corporate store. We are looking for a new location.

402-592-9199 or 877-402-7167

RWR Innovations started as a family owned publisher of personalized children's books in 2001. We also added non-personalized books, personalized music CDs, photo DVDs, personalized certificates, Melissa & Doug products, TEDCO, Blue Orange Games and RADZ Collectables.

We enjoy publishing our books, CDs, photo DVDs and personalized sayings but, due to many factors, we are now concentrating on selling toys and games.

We believe that children need to be familiar with technology, but, they need to be children as well. Children need to exercise their minds and bodies which does not happen when they sit for hours watching TV, computer screens or play games on little screens with tiny buttons.

Our toys and games give children the opportunity to use their imaginations and all of their little bodies, not just their hands and fingers.

We belong to and support the Ralston, NE Chamber of Commerce and the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce. We are also a member of the ITEX barter association.


You can play SUSPEND, Fastrack, Chickyboom or one of our other fun and challenging board games. You can read stories or have a face-to-face conversation with another person.


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We offer photo personalized DVDs starring your child with the Little Mermaid, Snow White, Care Bears,
and other titles. It takes 10-15 minutes to take your child's picture and process his or her new video.
Each video runs 20-30 minutes.
Ron, Wrenny and Rob - RWR Innovations LLC staff photo.

Read about us in the
Ralston Recorder published 30 November 2011. Photo by Adam Klinker.
Sample Little Mermaid Personalized Photo DVD
  Little Mermaid Personalized Kids DVD  

Every little girl dreams of life under the sea. Now your little girl can become a Little Mermaid in this Photo Personalized Kids DVD.

The perfect personalized gift for any little girl as she discovers that life under the sea is a dream come true! Make your special little girl a Star in her own personalized photo DVD.

Order today.


Inside of our original store on Q Street.

Our NameTrain display. Quality, wooden, 100% American made products made by Maple Landmark.

To the right.

Some of our non-personalized books.

Store photos by Kristen Chambers.

Picture inside of RWR Innovations store of American made products from Maple Landmark. Photo by Kristen Chambers.
















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Personalized Children's Books, Music CDs & DVDs

Personalized Children's Books, Music CDs & DVDsTrusted and Verified

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  Non-personalized books on sale as RWR Innovations store. Photo by Kristen Chambers.


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Some recent (unsolicited) emails and notes from our customers:


Thank you for the final product! I am very pleased with the results. Thanks for correcting the error. I can now frame the certificate. I appreciate your effort to make things right.

Thanks again

BarbQ - February 20, 2013


Hi Ron,
I received the book today as well as the letter from Santa and the newspaper for Bob S.
The book is wonderful. I can't wait to read it to him! Everything was great!

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Jane - December 17, 2012 - Florida


I want to thank you again for your care in taking time with my order and sending it so quickly.
I received it yesterday, Monday. I also like the newspaper page you sent along with it. Tyler will be thrilled.

Margaret E. - October 18, 2012 - Missouri


I just spoke with you on the phone and I wanted to thank you again for your kindness and sincerity!!
also want to that you for this very special gift, you have gone far and beyond any normal level of
customer service and I promise you it won't go without recognition...
Here is my daughter's information: ...

She is 6 years old and I simply love you soo much for everything!

Thanks IN Advance - Debra W - December 15, 2011  Nebraska



I just had to tell you how excited I am over the above book. It is awesome. My grandaughter loves

it and can't get over how her name and that of her friends is in the book. Great job and great service.
You were super helpful and made sure everything was correct and received on time.

I will use you again!!!

Thanks. Michelle B  December 18, 2011 North Carolina


Hi Ron,

I just want to tell you how pleased we are with the personalized book we ordered (Little One,
Little One What Do You See?) for our two year old granddaughter, Kaitlyn. I know when she opens
it at Christmas she is going to love it and want to read it over and over again!

We are very impressed with the quality of the book and the day she was born newspaper page.
We were really surprised how quickly we received the package. We will definitely recommend your
 company to our friends.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Annette L   December 18, 2011  Nevada


I recently purchased a hieroglyphic scribe and received it today. I just wanted to say thank you.
It looks very nice, and I greatly appreciate the fact that you shipped it flat with Do Not Bend on it
instead of rolled up or folded! This will make a very special Christmas gift for my mom.

Melissa - December 8, 2011


You guys are the best. I will tell one and all about you. Merry Christmas.

DM - December 5, 2011


Thank you. My sister ordered books from your company a few years ago for my boys and they loved them
for years. I'll share your company name with friends.

Traci - November 8, 2011



Just writing to say THANK YOU soooo very much for the great Batman book for my son...he loves it so
much & it is such a great product you put out & I will for sure pass along your information to others also.

Karen T - Cheektowaga, New York - November 7, 2011


I can't thank you enough!!!!!

I have recommended you to all of my friends, it's not very often you receive such great customer service.

Thanks again Ron.

Kind Regards
Soulla - United Kingdom - Nov 2011


The book is absoultely darling-thank you!!!

Becky - California - Oct 2011


Thanks so much. Everything looks good. I'm so excited for my nieces to receive the books next week!
We've ordered the same books from you for my sons, and I know the girls will love them.

Regina    California    Oct 2011


Thank you so much! Everything was perfect. The Birthday Chronicle is a great bonus. I will definitely recommend

you to friends and family.

Thanks again,

Isela    California      Sep 2011


Thank you. I was hoping to get the cookbooks for a birthday gift on Saturday. Your company is very efficient

and a pleasure to do business with.

Paula F. - June 05, 2011


Hi Ron! Thank you very much. I received the book. It is very nice. So sorry you do not handle children bibles.

Jacqueline, West Indies



Thank you so much or getting this to me so quickly! I actually placed an order with another company

"(Name Deleted)" and they never responded, only to charge my credit card $12.00.
I appreciate your promptness and will definitely order from you in the future! I will also let others know

to use your company and stay away from the one mentioned before!

Val P.


Hi Ron--

Thank you for sending out the Birthday Chronicle PDY on (Betty ...) so quickly. Just wanted you to know it was

appreciated. We will have some fun with it. We wish you well with your move and will look forward to perhaps
 visiting your place in Omaha. Betty is from Omaha and we will be visiting there later this summer on our way
to Sioux City to see our grandchildren.

Sincerely Scott M.


WOW!!! Your company rocks!! That was a super fast response and above excellent customer service!!! Thank you!!!

Megan - New Jersey



"Hi. Just wanted to let you know that we received the book yesterday and it is very nicely done.
The personal touch in the Birthday Chronicle is great."

Amrita - Ohio


"I have ordered multiple personalized items from RWR Innovations and have been thoroughly impressed with
this company. In an era of non-personal online commerce, it is such a rare occurrence to find live answers
after hours. I have always had someone answer the phone or received an immediate response if I've had
any questions. The quality of the work is excellent and there are so many options that you can't find anywhere
else. I believe it absolutely true that their books are "hand-made, one at a time with love." Books are so
important to our family and it is really neat that we can build a personalized library for our children!

I will definitely be back again and again."

Katie S. - Illinois


My husband said you called this afternoon, I am very appreciative of your prompt response! Thank you so much
for replacing it even though you weren't responsible! I am going to go to my local post office and let them know
what happened, that is just irritating!

I love the book and I am so happy with how fast it got here! I will be sure to order more from you in the future!

My girls have unusual names so I am always excited to find new things I can get their names on, and they love
books where they are part of it! Thanks again for all your help!

Kristy O' - New York



Thank you so much for the great product & great service! I really appreciated talking with a real person.

We will be returning customers & I have told many of my clients about your company.

Thanks again.

Jessie H



Ron ,

Thank you for allowing me to exchange the "Jobs Worse Than Mine" book for the "Campfire Cooking" book.

Another round of thanks for such speedy service and assistance!

Satisfied customer,

Andrea C.



Thank you! The book is wonderful! And arrived with time to spare! - Amy, Pennsylvania



Thank you! Your books are awesome! 



God Bless!

Debrora, Texas


Just wanted to thank you so much for my recent order. I placed another order for a book that you didn't have
with a different company and was very disappointed. I'll be needing two more of these next year and will
definitely be ordering from you! Great service and fast delivery of a wonderful product! You're welcome to
quote me on this also!

Sincerely, K. LeCates


Hello Ron,
Thank you for being patient, book was received this morning, couldn't just wrap it for Christmas I had

to look at.  It's a fantastic book and will always remember carriage charges in the future.

Many thanks again John.



Thank you for doing this for me it is greatly appreciated. In normally get my shopping done for our yearly
Mother, Sister, Daughter Retreat in advance, but I have been sick the last 2 weeks and have been unable
to do so. In looking for gifts for our retreat I stumbled upon your Company and how fortunate I was to do so.
Your attitude about customer service is a RARE find these days so I will definitely be using you in the future.
I will also share my positive experience with others.

Thanks Again, Best Regards, Maggie


I can't thank you enough for your prompt response to my problem ordering online. It must be difficult
during the stressful holiday rush to have to deal with complications outside your control, but you have dealt
with this efficiently and courteously. Best wishes for a well-deserved vacation.

Laura L.



Thank you! Fantastic customer service, will be recommending your company.


- - - - - - -

Wow, that was fast!

Thanks! By the way, your personalized books are going to get a lot of exposure next week at my son's
adoption ceremony, where there will be more than 150 kids being adopted at a mass adoption...I plan
on showing as many people as possible what you created to commemorate the day! It's the perfect gift.


- - - - - - -

On November 29, 2007 I ordered your book "It's A Lab's World" this book was lost in transit and one of
your employees shipped another on with the understanding that if I received the first one I would mail it back.

As you can see I received the first one and as promised I am returning it to you.

Thank you for all your help in getting the book to me for Christmas. And my Son sends his thanks and like
for you to know that it is not for his coffee table. As he has to fight with his sons to read it. Seems that all the
boys have taken a shine to it.

Thank you so much for the book and the service that you have gone the extra mile for.

This is one customer who will spread the word of how great you are.


Alice ........



 - - - - - - -

Thank you so much for doing this for me it is greatly appreciated. I normally get my shopping done for our
yearly Mother, Sister, Daughter Retreat in advance but I have been sick the last 2 weeks and have been
unable to do so. In looking for gifts for our retreat I stumbled upon your Company and how fortunate I
was to do so. Your attitude about customer service is a RARE find these days so I will definitely be using
you in the future. I will also share my positive experience with others.

Thanks Again,

Best Regards,


- - - - - - -

I just want to let you know that your company is GREAT! I've been ordering The Birthday Chronicles from
you for a while now (at a great price!) and your personalized touch in handling your customers is awesome.
I plan to continue ordering these chronicles until I run out of relatives and friends to receive them on their
birthdays. Your prompt and courteous service is very commendable  Thank you!

Maureen R.

- - - - - - -

Subject: Thank You


I ordered a book and had to ask for a remake because there was a name spelled incorrectly. You were so
gracious to accommodate me and return in plenty of time to make a 4 year old very happy! She was so excited
to see her name in print and loved the beautiful illustrations of the animals throughout the book "Little One,
Little One, What do you see?"

I have recommended your company to everyone I know and hope they will follow through with ordering for
their family and friends.

Thanks so much for having such a great idea!



- - - - - - -

I received the book for Ainsley...It's BEAUTIFUL. I love it. I will be ordering more in the near future. You were
wonderful to work with! Lisa K.

- - - - - - -


I received the book and am very pleased with it, as well as the quick shipping. I will keep you in mind for the
future. Thanks, Lisa S.

- - - - - -


I just received the book and wanted to let you know that I love it! It's so cute. I will definitely order from you



- - - - -


Thank you very much!  These days, it is getting harder to find a person/company who truly cares about their
customers.  I am not generally one to procrastinate on purchasing gifts for loved ones.  However, in this case,
I found myself having to expedite an order due to unforeseen changes.   I honestly appreciate you not only
rushing this important order for me but for taking the time to personally call me to discuss the order.  Your
follow-up made this experience even more of a pleasure.  I look forward to doing business with you again. 
Warmest regards, David ...

- - - - -


Received the books Saturday, Aug. 16.  They look wonderful.  I'm sure my son and nephews will love them. 
Thank you for such fast and courteous service.  I will definitely be recommending your company to my friends,
Sincerely, Susan

- - - - -


Ron, Thank you so much.  What great service!  My daughter received one of your books for her 2nd birthday
and we loved it.  I can't wait to see these.  Again, thank you.  We will certainly put the word out among friends
about your products and service.  Haven

- - - - -


Dear Ron, So far the kindergarten teachers that have seen the book love it.  One got tears.  The celebration
will be next Thursday the 15th.  Thanks for a job well done.  Pam       (I created a customized retirement book.) 

- - - - -


I just received the book yesterday and I wanted to tell you that it turned out wonderfully!  I am very happy
with the results and I will definitely do business with you again.  Thanks so much!  Melissa

- - - - -


I received the book, thank you.  It's great!   Sandra

- - - - -

Thank you so much Ron.  I loved the newspaper's first page and wanted to frame them for both of my
grandsons.  I love your site and have turned several of my friends onto it for their own children or grandchildren.

Thanks again, Alida

- - - - -


Hi Ron,  Thanks for all of your help.  Ella will love this one as she grows.  I was very enthusiastic about the other
books ... Marni

- - - - -


I just wanted you to know I received the personalized book.  Thank you for such fast service.  The book is
excellent quality - I'm very pleased.  I look forward to ordering from your company again.  Kimberly

- - - - -


Thank you!  I received the book yesterday and I am thrilled.  I was expecting a soft cover and was happily
surprised to see that it was hard cover.  It's very well done and I am sure it will be cherished. ... Christy

- - - - -


That was great service.  I will certainly be using your company in the near future.  Thanks again.  Terre

- - - - -


Ron, Thanks a lot...I am so happy.  I will definitely refer you to all my friends and family.  I assure you I will
get you as much business as I can from my circle of friends.  Thanks a lot once again.

- - - - -

Good morning Ron.  I just wanted to let you know the book arrived yesterday and it is wonderful. 
Thank you so much.  Shannon

- - - - -

No problem.  Thank you for following up though.  The books are wonderful.  Happy New Year!  Constance

- - - - -

Ron, The book looks perfect!  I can't thank you enough for the extra personal attention you gave.  I'm sure
y parents will love the book.  I have book marked your web page for all of my future gift needs and will
spread the word of my excellent service with you among my friends.  Thanks again, Kimberly

- - - - -

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